At the hospital

Planned hospitalisation

You can choose the hospital you want to be treated or tested at, unless your general practitioner is already affiliated with one. Asking your general practitioner for a referral is usually the best way forward.

Always bring an ID card with you to the hospital. If you don’t have an electronic ID, you can bring an ISI+ card, the social security card for kids under 12 and people who cannot receive an official ID, such as cross-border workers. If you have neither, bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

What about the cost?

  • Most medical costs at the hospital are paid directly by your health insurance fund.
  • Others are charged to you. Costs can run high, especially in a single room. Make sure to ask for a double room or shared ward, because the hospital cannot charge surcharges on the doctors’ fees in these room types. You get to choose your room type during admission.

It may be interesting to take out an additional hospital insurance for you and your family. Socialistische Mutualiteiten has 2 policies to choose from.

  • KliniPlan offers comprehensive coverage in a double room.
  • KliniPlanPlus goes the extra mile and also reimburses costs incurred in a single room (after a 3-month waiting period).

Contact us for more information about our insurance plans.


You should only go to the emergency department of a hospital with urgent illness or injury. In an emergency, call 112. You will be charged around 60 euros for the ambulance ride.

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