Social security in Belgium

People in Belgium enjoy the protections of an extensive social security system, including health care coverage. This is paid for by both the employer and the employee through contributions on income.

As a foreigner living in Belgium you may be eligible for these benefits too. However, you are not automatically covered for health care costs. You must register for it.

If you are living in Belgium you must register with a ziekenfonds or health insurance fund and pay a quarterly fee. This is compulsory. Your health insurance fund covers your health care costs and will pay you an allowance if you are incapacitated for work. Your health insurance fund also offers you additional benefits.

Furthermore, if you are care-dependent and living in the Flemish part of Belgium, you may be entitled to a ‘care budget’ via your health insurance fund. Every person in Flanders is required to contribute a yearly premium to this system.

Enjoy health care protection in Belgium

  • Easy registration
  • Low fee
  • Health care coverage
  • Additional benefits