Who are we?

Solidaris is one of the major public, nonprofit health insurance funds in Belgium, also called a mutualiteit or ziekenfonds.

We operate on the principles of solidarity and inclusiveness. To us every person matters, always. We strive towards proximity and high-quality service and defend your rights as a patient.

Solidaris is active in all of Belgium. In Flanders and Brussels our organisation consists of 5 province-based health insurance funds. Contact us to register with the fund closest to you. In Wallonia you can register with Solidaris Wallonie (available in English).

Why join?

By law, everyone in Belgium has to register with a health insurance fund of his choice. Once registered, you are entitled to reimbursements of your health care costs and you become eligible for a sickness allowance. These benefits are the same with all health insurance funds.

On top of that, health insurance funds offer additional benefits and services. These depend on the fund you choose to join. If you register with Solidaris you can count on several interesting benefits:

  • Extra reimbursements for glasses, contact lenses, orthodontics …
  • Childbirth gifts and perks
  • Free worldwide medical travel assistance
  • Free social and legal assistance
  • Optional low-premium insurance plans (hospital, dental care, outpatient care)
  • One-stop access to maternity care, home care and household help
  • Rent, borrow or buy crutches, wheelchairs, breast pumps …
  • Activities with one of our socio-cultural organisations

As a member you can make use of our services in one of our many offices near you.

Get in touch

  • Easy registration
  • Low fee
  • Health care coverage
  • Additional benefits